Services overview

What is your project ?

Tell us what you would like to do and we'll help you to realize it. Art On Ceramic can create anything that come in your mind with our exclusive custom ceramic tile technology. Just ask !

What's your size ?

You can decide wich custom ceramic tile size will fit your project and look nice. 2'' X 2'' - 4'' X 4''-  6'' X 6'' - 8'' X 8'' - 8'' X 10''...
You decide

We can ship worldwide

With today's shipping technology, there is no frontiers anymore. You can be anywhere in the world and Art On Ceramic will manage to have your custom ceramic tile project delivered at your door.

Have a more specialized project ?

Depending on the nature of your custom tile project, we can also do reproduction; Such as copying antique tiles or broken tiles.
We can also as example do dinnerware printing,  porcelain portrait, photo and negative high resolution scan, photo restoration (see in our partners menu) ,...


Let's work together

At the first contact, you will tell us what is your custom ceramic tile project and what you have in hand. From there, we will help you to figure out how to realize it. We are flexible and passionate to contribute and or create to any project idea.

Once the feasibility of your project will be established, we can start working on the graphics and prepare them for the custom ceramic printing process on the related tiles.

If it's a big project and the colors are really important, we can also send you a sample tile with your own design ( or picture) on it to help you figure if it fits your need before starting the production.

Featured Services

Art On Ceramic provide the best custom service for your high-end ceramic tile projects.

With our exclusive ceramic printing technology, we also provide



Unless you manage to break a ceramic tile, they are just lifetime warranty. Our tiles will last forever







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